Month: January, 2009

hanna park

I went down to Hanna Park this morning with my lil sis to see some family. We hung out in an awesome RV and watched an infomercial on this.

You can cook almost anything in this thing without much clean-up but your food will all be in the shape of an omlette.


Totally sport + lady at a diner

Tornado Dress


Lady in a diner


People necklace

Classic Novel Necklaces

Silver outfit


from pleasesir

E-Licious: Images from the Florida E-Library Broadside Collection

Yes I am eating a Chick-o-stick right now and it’s making me sick.

just in case

In case you don’t know or in case I’ve just figured this out…I like to make food that looks like other food but isn’t actually that food. Looks like other people do too.


killing time


sunglasses please.

all via youaremyfavs

sleepyhead-passion pit