bloody cardinal

by alissaleonard

One day I was driving down Forsyth Street in downtown Jacksonville in my ninety-three Ford Explorer Sport with a friend when I saw a Dixie cup fly across my windshield and into a chain link fence where it fit perfectly into one of the slots, opening facing out.

My little sister and I were sitting on our couch early this December watching my mother and father put the finishing touches on our Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Without saying a word my mother handed my father a ragged cardinal in which he put on the top of the tree. Neither of their expressions matched the puzzled ones of my sister and me although I did hear my dad mention something about how the bird looked like it was bleeding.

In college there was this kid Paul DeRevere.

I have seen twice in my life a man walking down the street with a hobo-style knapsack.
A lot of times the strangest things can be inspiring.

It’s like whistling
I named this blog after a thought I read in an old interview done with Harry Nilsson by Paul Zollo editor of Song Talk Magazine. The interviewer asked him where he thought ideas came from.

Harry: I don’t know it’s like whistling (Whistles). Why did I whistle that? Did it just pop into my head or was it a combination of preconceived programs or ideas? I don’t know about the higher power. I think, if you really want to get down to it, you have a file, in your mind, for every sound you ever heard. It happens so quickly it happens without you being aware of it, that’s why it seems like its coming from a different place. It’s actually coming from the same place every time. It’s just a bunch of electricity and chemicals up there. (Whistles again).

my sistaur

my sistaur